Back to School? 8 Stain Removal Tips to Keep Kids Clothes Clean!

Little kids hugging, their faces and hands are colored

As another school year begins, kids around the country are hitting the halls in their brand new duds. Unfortunately, it can often seem like their clothes are magnets for all different kinds of smears, smudges and stains. With the following stain removal tips, you’ll be able to get your kids’ clothes looking good as new again.

Laundry Room Makeover: Tips for Function & Efficiency

Laundry room with modern steel appliances

If functional and well-designed don’t exactly describe your current laundry space, not to worry. A laundry room makeover is generally a DIY-friendly endeavor. Find out how to create a setup that will truly work for your family’s needs.

15 Ideas for Converting a Bonus Space


Feeling a little cramped at home, but not ready to take on an addition? Then look up, down and around, because your home most likely already contains a space ready for conversion to a comfort zone, storage space or recreation area.

Get a Clean Machine with Glisten Dishwasher Magic


Is your dishwasher not cleaning the way it used to? Does it smell, have stains or leave residue on your dishes? You need Glisten Dishwasher Magic, the #1 selling dishwasher cleaner. Dishwasher Magic removes performance-robbing buildup and disinfects as it cleans.

Hyde Pivotpro Water Wand Makes Cleaning Jobs Faster and Easier


The Hyde PivotPro Water Wand turns your hose into a cleaning machine, allowing you to wet, soap, scrub and rinse most anything with just one tool. It’s called a PivotPro because it has a patented nozzle that pivots as you work so you can get all the tough spots without straining. It’s the perfect tool to help you tackle your to-do list.