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TOM: Coast to coast and floorboards to shingles, this is The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler. LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete. TOM: And we are enjoying a beautiful fall weekend in our neck of the woods. I hope that you are, as well. I love this time of year. The air Read the full article…

Winter Weather Means Soaring Heating Bills: Tips to Cut Heating Costs

Heavy Snow on House

Get tips to lower home heating costs.  Find out two improvements can lower heating costs by 20 percent, plus more low cost and no cost energy tips that can reduce home energy bills without spending a lot of money.

5 Easy Fall Home Improvement Projects

Fall Leaves in Deck

Fall home improvement project ideas to cut energy costs and save energy, and stormproof your house you can do in a weekend or less.

Energy Saving Ideas and Tips — Each Less Than $50


Find out five easy energy saving home improvements that are affordable energy savers. Learn how insulation, sealants and weather-stripping, and water heater blankets can be big energy savers, and how to avoid the hype associated with big-ticket home improvements that offer major energy savings claims.

No Cost to Low Cost ways to Keep Cool, Saving Heat Damaged Lawns and Tips to Stop Mold from Growing in Your Home


Now that summer is at its hottest, are you scraping for every possible way you can to keep cool and comfortable? Tom & Leslie share a few low-cost to no-cost tips that can do just that. Plus, with the water shortages and generally blistering heat across the nation, get advice on how to avoid having your yard turn into a dead, dry wasteland. Find out the one item that might be inviting toxic mold to grow in your home, and get answers to your questions about choosing lightbulbs, mold on wallpaper, replacing drywall, universal design ideas, grubs in lawn, insulation options, cleaning siding, shade options and toilet repair. 

The Return of Porch Life, Best Mosquito Trap and Tips to Make Window Air Conditioners More Efficient


With all the frenzy of modern life, do you long for the days of past when homeowners sat outside, chatted with neighbors and enjoyed a nice, cold lemonade in a rocker?  Well, porches are making a huge comeback, and Tom and Leslie have details.  Plus hear about a new trap on the market that fools mosquitoes into thinking it's human, and get tips on how to make your window air conditioner work much more efficiently to keep you cool and comfortable through those hot days.  All this and answers to your calls about eliminating flies, cleaning tile floors, humidity, leaky basement, roofs, smoke odors, appliance maintenance, insulating an attic.

Keep Home Furnishings from From Fading in the Sun, Fixing Smelly Water and Tips to Get Your Grill Ready, and more


Direct sunlight can fade furniture and floors, and raise energy costs.  In this show, Tom & Leslie deliver tips to keep damaging UV rays away.  Plus, find out how to fix smelly water problems, learn how to make your grill safe for a season of BBQ fun, and your calls on, sump pumps, well water, spray foam insulation, clean mold, expand deck, metal roof, deck siding, painting interior room, A/C, repair doors.

How To Protect Your Home from Storm Damage, Tips on Trouble Free Plants and How to Contract with Your Contractor


Spring storms can turn everyday objects into projectiles that can do serious damage to your home. Tom and Leslie deliver tips on a DIY inspection that can help you spot small repairs before they grow in to big problems.  Plus get tips on how to select low-maintenance plants for your yard and garden, and find out the essential items to include when you contract for a home improvement project.  That plus answers to your questions about, mold, rusting appliances, hardwood floor repairs, venting toilets, insulation options, fireplace cleaning, kitchen renovations, pipe sizing, home odors, deck stains.