Plan for the Unexpected with a Home Warranty


Homeowners insurance supports most home repair emergencies, but even the best stop short of covering repairs for appliances and major household systems that result from normal wear and tear. Find out how a TotalProtect Home Warranty from Cross Country Home Services provides customizable, affordable protection against the expensive repair bills that accompany household surprises.

Get Covered for the Holidays and Beyond with a Totalprotect Home Warranty

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Homeowners insurance and most product warranties don't cover breakdowns resulting from normal wear and tear. Learn how a TotalProtect Home Warranty can help you cover home happenings during the holidays and beyond.

Home Warranty Advice: Are They Worth the Money?


Home warranties are purchased by home owners to help them avoid unexpected repair expenses. Read more on how to determine if a home warranty is right for you.

New Home Warranties: What’s Really Covered?


A home warranty on a new home can provide coverage for mistakes of your home builder may make, Here’s how new home warranties work and what to do if you need home warranty repairs. A home warranty is more of a service agreement than an insurance policy, so if you have one, protect yourself by understanding it line by line and being persistent and thorough when making a home warranty claim.

Appliance Warranty Cover-up | The Money Pit

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The only thing worse than a broken appliance is discovering the repair is not covered by the warranty. When you buy an appliance, be sure to get all of the factory warranty details, including the length of the warranty and exactly what is covered. Will only parts be replaced what about labor and where are Read the full article…