5 Ways to Crush Ugly Walls! Tips to Remove Wallpaper, Paneling, Textured Paint & More

Disgusted Young Woman

Most homeowners at some point or another will find themselves needing or wanting to get rid of an old or undesired wall treatment. Some materials can be removed with care, time, patience and the right techniques, but others will have to be left in place. However, there are many ways to make ugly wallcoverings less of an eyesore.

Easy Way to Repair Damaged Drywall Ceiling


LESLIE: Brice in North Carolina, you’ve got The Money Pit. How can we help you today? BRICE: I was considering using a polyethylene sheet to replace or repair the ceiling in my bathroom. And I wanted to know that’s a good substitute for wall board and what material to seal it up with. TOM: When Read the full article…