Most Valuable Home Improvements, Heat Pumps that Save Energy and Water Saving Tips for Bathrooms


Are you looking for ways to add real value to your home that stays around until you are ready to sell?  Tom and Leslie have tips on the improvements that deliver the best ROI. Plus, saving energy and “going green” are big goals for homeowners. Find out why a heat pump can do both. And, learn an easy way to save hundreds on your water bill…just by switching out one common bathroom fixture.  Plus answers to your calls about, roof leaks, heating options, failed window seal, mice, vinyl siding, a/c repair, exhaust fans.

Dress Up a Boring Garage Door, Install a Pet Door to Make Life Easier and Tips to Remove Mold and Mildew From Your Home


Are your garage doors just sort of plain and boring? Get tips on how to dress up your overhead door to add value and style. Do you love your dog but not so much having to get up in the middle of the night to let him out?  Pet doors let Fido come and go as he pleases, without letting unwanted wildlife in. Plus, spring rains brought beautiful flowers — but also let mildew, moss and algae flourish on your home's exterior. Find out the easy way to get rid of it.

Fixing Flooded Yards, Easy Cleaning Tips, Adding Outdoor Lighting


Is there spot in your yard where water seems to always collect?  Tom and Leslie have tips on a DIY solution that’s simple to install.  Plus, Get DIY window cleaning tips, including a recipe for a solution that cost just pennies to mix up. Scott Caron, the electrician on TV’s This Old House stops by with tips on how to safely run underground wires, plus get answers to your questions about, laminate flooring, fire pits, home odors, noisy plumbing, cleaning siding, deck sealers, cracked concrete, planning a garden, insulation options. 

Affordable Home Gadgets that Impress, Money-Saving Heating Tips for Renters, and the Pros and Cons of Real and Fake Holiday Trees


Looking for that special something to wow holiday guests?  Consider these home gadgets that get big reactions for less.  Learn which changes can improve efficiency in apartments and rental homes.  And learn surprising benefits of real and fake trees.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, furnaces, pressure balance valves, replace siding, squeaky floors, paint siding, hardwood floors, fireplace installation, low water pressure, level floors, install doors.

Choosing a Snow Blower, Smart Home Technology That Can Save Your Life, and Fire Prevention Tips For the Most Dangerous Season


Sick of shoveling after every storm?  Get tips for choosing the best snow blower for your home and property.  Learn which  smart home upgrades can go a long way toward keeping you safe.  And winter’s when most house fires occur, so put these easy preventions in place for added protection  and peace of mind.   Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, stink bugs, foundation problems, gas odors, window, siding,  well pump , pipe, brick porch repair, insulation options, damp basements, attic fan replacement.

Cut Shocking Electric Bills with LED Bulbs, Reducing Heating and Cooling Costs, and How to Keep Stink Bugs Out of Your Home


Learn how to make the switch to LED bulbs and save money on electric bills. Are your heating bills sending a chill down your spine?  Get tips for adding efficiency and warmth to your house this winter.  And they’re creepy, kooky, and smelly, too – don’t let your home become a haven for stink bugs.  Get tips for keeping these pests outdoors where they belong.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, installing vinyl siding, removing a mirror, insulating an AC window unit, adjusting shower pressure, hardwood floor installation, insect problems, spray foam insulation, crack in masonry.

Siding Options for Your Home, Tips for Drywall Repairs, New Advances in AC and more


Your home’s siding keep everything inside safe and secure.  Make sure the siding you choose is durable and maintained.  Damage to drywall is a common homeowner problem.  Learn how to do drywall repairs correctly the first time, so you’re not repeating repairs again and again.  Find out about the quietest window AC around, so you can actually hear yourself talking while it’s running!  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, front door repair, plumbing leaks, replacing rain gutters, toilet repair, painting a basement floor, popcorn ceiling removal, light bulb options, refinishing a hardwood floor, garage door repair.

Prep-Free Painting, The Perks of Porches, And Bringing Spring Cleaning Outdoors For Big -and Profitable- Results.


Learn which hot new product cuts down on painting prep- and can even eliminates it altogether.  Find out what your porch could be doing for you, and return the favor by adding some cool upgrades.  And “spring cleaning” the outside of your house pays off in more ways than one.  Plus, get answers to your home improvement questions about, light bulbs, metal roofing, sealing a concrete patio, clean mold off walls, insulation, granite cleaning, repairing painted shut windows, basement waterproofing, siding options, toilet problems, air ventilation.