Winter Trees


Winter Trees TOM: Think your backyard winter trees are hibernating right now? They’re actually getting ready for spring and they could use your help this winter. Hi, I’m Tom Kraeutler. LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete with today’s Money Pit Home Improvement Minute. TOM: During winter, trees build food reserves, take up water and continue to Read the full article…

Low-Cost to No-Cost Tips to Stay Cool in Summer

Boy with his dad cooling in front of fan.

Get tips to stay cool in summer by lowering the temperature and improving your comfort inside your house. Here are seven tips to help you stay cool in the summer without spending a lot of money.

10 Tips to Stop Hurricane Damage

Tree Storm Damage

Learn how to hurricane-proof your home with our ten hurricane preparation tips to help you keep your family safe and minimize damage to your home during a hurricane.

Tips to Avoid Ticks, Refinishing Hardwood Floors and Staying Cool Through the Dog Days of Summer


Now that we are in the hottest part of the summer, we are also at the peak season for ticks that can carry dangerous diseases.  Tom & Leslie have tips on how to avoid ticks and health hassles they can bring.  Plus get tips on how to refinish hardwood floors, and find out how to make sure you choose the right size air conditioner to get you through the hottest month of the year. Also the answers to your questions about basement windows, resurfacing a patio, purchasing a power washer, sod issues, repairing an asphalt driveway, air conditioning repairs, grinding a tree trunk, replacing a roof, air flow, tubs and showers, and porch flooring.

Stain Tips for Decks and Fences, The Buzz on Backyard Bee Hives and Tips for Screening Porches and Patios


This is a great time of year to give wood decks, trim or fencing a spruce up.  Tom and Leslie have tips on how to pick the perfect stain to spruce up surfaces for the season.  Plus, find out how to build your own backyard bee hives and get tips on adding screening to porch and patios, along with your calls about, generators, garage door installation, deck staining, nob & tube wiring, tree removal, sod, water heaters, paint siding, refrigerator odors, textured walls, siding issues.

Keeping Trees Alive Through Winter, How to Make Sure Your Mattress Isn’t Making You Sick, and Adding Pro Ranges to Your Home Kitchen


Make sure outdoor trees live through winter with tips on keeping them warm and alive until temperatures break.  Learn to extend the life of your mattress – and keep it free of harmful bacteria.  And just because you can handle it doesn’t mean your kitchen can: What you need to know before installing a commercial range in a home kitchen. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, paint options, window screens, insulating floors, fence installation, room addition, septic issues, roof gutters, mold removal, water heater options, universal design, repairing ceiling damage.

Affordable Home Gadgets that Impress, Money-Saving Heating Tips for Renters, and the Pros and Cons of Real and Fake Holiday Trees


Looking for that special something to wow holiday guests?  Consider these home gadgets that get big reactions for less.  Learn which changes can improve efficiency in apartments and rental homes.  And learn surprising benefits of real and fake trees.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, furnaces, pressure balance valves, replace siding, squeaky floors, paint siding, hardwood floors, fireplace installation, low water pressure, level floors, install doors.

The Secret to Avoiding Contractor Horror Stories, How to Care for Leather, and the Scary Details of Child Car Seat Safety


Leather seats cracked and faded? Get advice on how to care for leather furnishings.  We’ve all heard tales of contractors blowing deadlines, doing a lousy job, or worse.  Keep it from happening to you!  Get contractor hiring tips for weeding out the bad guys.  And 6 million car seats were recalled last year for safety issues – was yours one of them?  Learn where to go to check on your car seat’s safety.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, resealing a driveway, repairing an condenser unit, tree removal, bathroom venting, repairing door frames, installing a basement window, shed, proper grading and drainage.