Ceramic Tile Style: 6 Top Trends for 2018


Wondering where the world of tile is headed? The biggest ceramic tile trends in 2018 include monochromatic color schemes, wood planks, vintage looks, encaustic patterned tiles, porcelain pavers and more, according to Tile of Spain, the association of over 125 Spanish tile manufacturers. This year, tile will move from being an accent to being everywhere, Read the full article…

How to Stop Large Ceramic Tiles from Cracking

Bathroom Floors

LESLIE: George in Utah is on the line with some sort of bathroom floor issue over at their money pit and large ceramic tiles. What is going on? GEORGE: Yeah, I’ve got bathroom floor tile that’s starting to crack in places. So the flooring underneath it is crumbling and I’m just not sure what to fix Read the full article…

Installing ceramic tile floors #1002172


TOM: Coast to coast and floorboards to shingles, this is The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler. LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete. TOM: Here to help you with your home improvement or décor projects. Help yourself first: pick up the phone and call us at 888-MONEY-PIT or post your question to the Read the full article…

Sod Secrets to a Beautiful Lawn, Fixing Rooms that Won’t Heat or Cool and DIY Energy Audits


Is there one area of your home that seems hard to cool and even harder to heat?  Tom & Leslie have advice on split ductless air conditioner technology that may be the solution.  Plus, if you’ve noticed the borders around your lawn, driveway, walk or patio are looking a bit frazzled, there’s a new brick product out on the market that can make that look super sharp in no time.  And with a season change just ahead, do you know the one thing that can help you cut energy costs more than anything else?  It’s getting a home energy audit. Get advice on a no-cost DIY version that’s helped over 9 million homeowners, along with answers to your questions about, animal odors, anchoring furniture, adding a bathroom, drainage, painting a basement floor, staining a porch, removing tiles, eliminating pests.

The Return of Porch Life, Best Mosquito Trap and Tips to Make Window Air Conditioners More Efficient


With all the frenzy of modern life, do you long for the days of past when homeowners sat outside, chatted with neighbors and enjoyed a nice, cold lemonade in a rocker?  Well, porches are making a huge comeback, and Tom and Leslie have details.  Plus hear about a new trap on the market that fools mosquitoes into thinking it's human, and get tips on how to make your window air conditioner work much more efficiently to keep you cool and comfortable through those hot days.  All this and answers to your calls about eliminating flies, cleaning tile floors, humidity, leaky basement, roofs, smoke odors, appliance maintenance, insulating an attic.

Drought Resistant Lawns, Quietest A/C in America, Tips for Basement Remodeling and more


Tired of paying high water bills for watering your lawn?  Get tips on how to find and install drought resistant grass.  Plus, find out about a new air conditioner that is breaking new ground by being the quietest in America, as well as energy efficient. Get tips on how to select flooring for damp spaces like basements, plus your calls on, carpenter bees, bald spots lawn, painting columns, water pressure, level a house, roof leaks, clean tile floors, light bulbs, mold on decks, clean siding, roof replacement.