Smart Home Technology Shrinks Bills, Grows Peace of Mind

smart home

The concept of a Smart Home is increasingly popular, and it’s a big part of the next generation of home improvement. We’re starting to see more connected products with features that save time and money by making homes work smarter. Two things that are top of mind for many homeowners and even renters: conserving water and energy; and home security.

Smart Summer Lawn Care: Keep Grass Healthy While Saving Water & Money


When it comes to summer lawn care, strategic watering, being careful about how much water you use and where that water is applied is really more important than ever. Knowing when and how much to water, what length to keep your lawn, the best way to use sprinklers and what to do if your lawn turns straw-colored will help you create an economical and effective summer lawn care regimen.

How to Choose the Best Sprinkler System for Your House


Find out why designing and installing an underground lawn sprinkler system can be a DIY project if you are willing to put in the work. Get tips on choosing water-saving sprinkler heads to conserve water. Also learn how to winterize your sprinkler system at the end of the season.

Windows and Doors That Can Customize Your Home , How To Fix Holes In Your Lawn, Keeping Track of Your Home Maintenance


Plus get answers to your home improvement questions such as, repairing sprinkler heads, painting a banister railing, refinishing hardwood flooring, spray in insulation, eliminating termites, Building a home from scratch, vacation home maintenance, sink repair, driveway oil stains.