Easy Vacuum Repairs, High Tech Lighting that Improves Sleep and Avoiding Accidental Poisonings


Usually when you say an appliance sucks, it’s a bad thing.  With a vacuum – it’s quite the opposite!  If yours isn’t doing the job it should, we’ve got easy troubleshooting tips to help improve its performance.  Plus,if you’ve ever had trouble sleeping at night, the problem might actually be bedroom lighting interrupting your body’s circadian rhythm.  Find out about new light technology that’s designed to fix that and more.Get tipsto keep toxic items safe and out of reach of kids, plus answers to your questions about, stain options, drafty doors, ridge vents, cleaning mold, enclose an outdoor porch , pool maintenance, cracked shower floor, soundproofing, paint, exhaust fans.

Avoiding Bed Bugs, Tips to Build the Best Patio and Solutions for Cooling Problem Rooms


While you’re busy planning your summer get-away, bed bugs may be busy planning how to join you! Tom and Leslie have tips to avoid bringing home the nasty little critters home with your souvenirs.   Plus, get tips on single easiest way to build a patio using paver bricks, and solutions for cooling problem rooms. We have answers to you questions on, metal roofing, water filtration system, asphalt driveway, foundation problems, spiders, hot water tanks, repairing pool steps, installing new molding,  central air conditioning.

How to Cut Pool Heating Costs, How to Build a Pollinator Garden and Tips to Prevent Slippery Sidewalks


If you are lucky enough to have a built-in pool, you may not feel quite as lucky when you have the pay to pay the bills to heat that pool.  Tom and Leslie have tips on how you can use a FREE energy source to heat your pool and extend the swimming season.  Plus Roger Cook from This Old House stops by with tips on how to build a pollinator garden that’ll attract bees, hummingbirds and butterflies that play a big role in plant reproduction.  Plus your calls about, eliminating ants, moles, clean a concrete driveway, cement basement walls, installing a dishwasher, bathtub refurbishing, replacing AC unit in attic, roof, wood decking boards, tankless hot water heaters, cleaning bathroom mold.

Saving Money with LED Holiday Lights, What You Need To Know Before Considering an Outdoor Spa or Hot Tub, and Need-to-Know Tips for Hiring a Qualified, Reliable Contractor


Does your December electric bill have you feeling bah humbug?  Learn how to keep utility costs down while still keeping holiday spirits high.  Adding a hot tub or spa is a great way to get more use of outdoor space.  Find out which questions to ask before taking the plunge.  And when it comes to hiring pros, the first step is the most important one.  Get the details.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, floor insulation, refrigerator odors, repair textured wall, insulate an attic, relocate a garage door, asbestos siding.

Tips to Keep Your Dishwasher Clean, Small Bathroom Space Savers, Car Care Tips and more


Your dishwasher can’t clean dishes if it's dirty and grimy inside.  Learn what to do to keep your dishwasher clean and disinfected.  Small bathrooms don’t have to cramp your style.  Discover small bath space savers that will make the most of that little room you have.  Your favorite home center now carries everything you need to clean up your car, too – including all of your oil change supplies.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, ventilation, check valves, basement odors, painting furniture, deck posts, closing a pool, vinyl window repair, soundproofing a room.

Memory Makeover Tips From Actress/Self Help Guru Marilu Henner, DIY Home Security, And Money-Saving Tips For Closing And Winterizing Your Pool – And Making It Safer In The Process


Can’t remember if you left the windows open, or where you left your keys? Get memory makeover tips from actress and amazing brain Marilu Henner.  Learn how to avoid becoming an easy target for burglars by storing tools and supplies from your DIY projects safely.  And closing your pool is a great opportunity to swap out toxic chemicals for safer ones.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, basement leaking, subfloor cleaning, leveling floors, spiders, water tank repair, insulation options, air conditioning repairs.

The Easy-To-Install Paver That Increases Your Home’s Look And Value, Designing A Bedroom That Grows With Your Child, And Swimming Pool Safety


Concrete driveways and sidewalks – especially if they’re cracked and uneven – can drag down your home’s exterior.  Discover a customizable stone paver that’ll add sophistication and market value.  And they outgrow shoes and shirts fast, but it doesn’t take long before kids outgrow their bedrooms, too.  Learn how to create a space that grows with them.   And if you’re dreaming of a backyard pool before NEXT summer, make sure you put safety at the top of the to-do list.  Learn about safely wiring the electricity needed to maintain that pool. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, removing linoleum, repairing cracked ceilings, painting furniture, leveling a floor, siding, painting and residing, metal roofing, sheetrock in showers, renovating a sun porch, cleaning shower doors, painting options, hiring an electrician.