Energy Efficiency Tax Credits for Homeowners


If you upgraded your home to improve energy efficiency or make use of renewable energy in 2014, you could be eligible for valuable energy efficiency tax credits. Find out what's covered and how to apply for the credits.

Green Power Plan: Combine Standard and Alternative Energy Sources

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Alternative energy sources have the potential to make big contributions to home comfort and overall savings, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon traditional energy sources like electric, gas and oil. A combination of standard and alternative sources is becoming a common solution.

Homeowner Behavior Has an Important Effect on a House’s Energy Efficiency


When we think about green and energy-efficient structures, we often focus on design, construction and technology. However, the way people interact with their homes has a big impact on the structures’ overall performance.

Solar System Solutions to Save Money, Conserve Energy

Solar panels on a modern house

Learn how solar systems such as solar panels and solar water heaters can help you save money and energy. Solar solutions like solar panels are affordable ways to make your home more energy efficient.