Tax Credit for Home Improvements, Best ROI for Green Upgrades and Fireplace Safety Redo


If you’ve sold your home, closed the deal and handed over the keys, you may think you’re done?  Not quite!  Find out what you have to do AFTER you sell your home to complete the transaction – especially if you’ve made a few home improvements over the years.  Plus, going green at home is a big trend nowadays, but how do you sort the good from the perennially BAD improvements, Tom and Leslie have solutions. And before you start the home fires burning this fall, we’ll have tips on how to make sure your chimney is up for the challenge, along with your calls on, home odors, insulation, painting a front door, faucet replacement, wallpaper removal, leveling a floor, damp crawlspaces.

How to Clean Outdoor Furniture, Finishing an Attic and Avoiding Ladder Injury


Fall is a good time to clean up your outdoor furniture BEFORE you head into hibernation mode for the cold weather ahead.  Tom and Leslie have tips to help you clean and store outdoor furniture.  Plus, Tom Silva from This Old House stops by with advice on a very popular fall project – finishing your attic.  And, get tips on the most common cause of ladder falls – including one simple adjustment that will make sure you come down the ladder with gravity on your side. Plus answers to your questions about, installing a concrete slab, removing popcorn ceiling, replacing an AC unit, electrical wiring, crumbling chimney, deck stains, installing a shower, door repairs.

How to Host a Garage Sale, Tips to Build the Perfect Patio, and How to Silence Noisy Air Conditioners


Summer is the season for lots of outdoor activities including holding a garage sale!  Tom and Leslie have tips to clear clutter and maybe make a few bucks.  Plus, patio projects are also popular now.  Roger Cook from This Old House stops by with tips to help build your own.  Plus, answers to your questions about, electrical systems, patio cracks, staining concrete, squeaky wood floors, cleaning cabinets, roof stains, cracking grout, wood burning stoves, ceiling tile removal, molding repair, and choosing paint colors.

Sleek Kitchen Designs, Easy Ways to Refinish Furniture and How to Test Your A/C System


Want to incorporate a sleek, modern, clean look into your kitchen? Tom and Leslie have tips on how to achieve one of the hottest new design trends making its way to this side of the Atlantic from Europe.  Plus find out how to breathe new life into some of the furniture you may already have with stain. Learn a quick way to test your air conditioning system to make sure it’s doing all it can to keep you cool and comfortable, and get answers to your calls about, bathroom renovation, metal roofing, hardware options, driveway repair, radiant floors, removing paneling,  cleaning a concrete slab, roof drains, refinishing floors, planning a deck.

Finding Hidden Storage Spaces, Fresh Filtered Water from Your Fridge and How to Stop Mold, Mildew, Algae and Moss


 Want to be better organized but simply need more space? Tom and Leslie have tips on “hidden spaces” in the home that can make for a great storage solution.  Plus find out how to get fresh filtered water from your refrigerator, and learn the best way to rid the outside of your home from mold, mildew, algae and moss, along with your calls on, foundation cracks, removing popcorn ceilings, porch repair, deck mold, window moisture, painting countertops, electric HWH, wood floor maintenance.

How To Protect Your Home from Storm Damage, Tips on Trouble Free Plants and How to Contract with Your Contractor


Spring storms can turn everyday objects into projectiles that can do serious damage to your home. Tom and Leslie deliver tips on a DIY inspection that can help you spot small repairs before they grow in to big problems.  Plus get tips on how to select low-maintenance plants for your yard and garden, and find out the essential items to include when you contract for a home improvement project.  That plus answers to your questions about, mold, rusting appliances, hardwood floor repairs, venting toilets, insulation options, fireplace cleaning, kitchen renovations, pipe sizing, home odors, deck stains.

How to Repair Cracks in Plaster Walls, Easy DIY Projects for Beginners, Improve Indoor Air Quality and more


Learn how to repair cracks in plaster walls properly so they don’t keep cracking again and again.  Find out which DIY projects rate low on the difficulty scale so that you can get started as a beginner.  Discover what indoor air pollutants you may be exposed to in your home and how to reduce threats to air quality in your home.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, renovating a home, creating storage space, caring for hardwood flooring, eliminating drain odors, settling floors, installing a railing, rust stains in a toilet, Leaking A/C wallpaper removal, keeping flat roofs free of debris.

Adding Insulation for Added Warmth, the Home Appliance to Splurge On, and Sheet Shopping 101 for a Better Night’s Sleep


Are you tired of heating bill sticker shock – or winter spent under a blanket?  Most homes lack sufficient insulation.  Learn where and how to give yours a boost.  Discover which energy-efficient appliance saves you big in the long run.  And don’t buy new bedsheets before knowing the pros and cons of each material and type.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, garage door parts, heating a garage, bathroom renovations, hard water issues, metal roofing, tiling bathroom walls, lower energy costs, replacement wiring, firewood storage, window covering options.

Money-Saving Alternatives to Tiny Houses, Installing Pendulum Lighting, and What You Need to Know Before Adding Electric Heat


Postage-stamp sized homes aren’t for everyone.  Learn how to get the best of tiny house living without scaling down drastically.  And not all pendulum lights are DIY-friendly.  Discover whether you should install them yourself, or call a pro.  And electric heating goes a long way toward warming chilly rooms.  Learn the pros and cons of this popular solution.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, repairing wood floors, siding, paint options, wallpaper removal, well water, repairing a beam, cracked railing repair, water heater options, radiant flooring.