Can I Paint Exterior Wood, or Will it Cause It to Hold Moisture – and Rot?

Applying protective varnish on a patio wooden floor

Exterior wood that's painted will eventually peel, but staining it can achieve that same painted look – with longer-lasting results.  Learn what steps to take to prep the wood beforehand, including tips on exactly which primer to use. 

Filling Cracks on a Wood Porch or Deck


There are several options for filling cracks in wooden decks and porches – which is crucial to keeping water from penetrating and damaging the wood.  The best solution for your porch is determined by whether or not you plan to paint.  Learn how to decide which solution is best for your home. 

Patio Heaters: Cultivate Comfort In Your Outdoor Experience


Patio heaters come in many different forms, including freestanding patio heaters, mounted table top heaters, commercial patio heaters, propane patio heaters, electric patio heaters, and finally natural gas patio heaters. Learn about patio heaters and how to select the best heater for your home.

Easy Ways to Cut Energy Costs #1010161

gas energy flames

As temperatures fall and energy bills rise, Tom and Leslie deliver tips on easy steps you can take to reduce energy use, save money and improve your comfort all winter long, plus get green gardening tips for fall and answers to your calls.

How to Prevent Concrete Cracks, Avoiding Hail Damage and How to Build a Homework Space for Kids


Colder weather is on its way…and a time when damage to driveway, sidewalks, patios and steps happen.  Tom and Leslie have tips on how to prevent cracking in that cold weather.  Plus, hail storms can damage roof shingles, tear off tree limbs and even crack windshields. Learn how to help your home weather that storm, and get tips on how to set up a homework space for your kids that’ll help keep them organized as the school season begins – and get answers to you questions about, building a deck, insulation options, leaky basements walls, roof coatings, repairing asphalt driveways, building stairs, water pressure, replacing and air conditioning system, skylights.