Can I Heat My Whole House on Pellet Stoves?

Quadra Fire Pellet Stove

Oil heat can be pricey and inefficient – but if gas isn't available, it might be your only option.  Learn what options exist for adding efficiency to your heating system, including whether pellet stoves are a realistic option for a standard-sized house.  Plus, get tips on adding separate heating zones in your home. 

Oil Heat vs. Electric Baseboard: Which is Best?


LESLIE: Amber in New Hampshire is on the line with some heating questions. How can we help you? AMBER: Hi. I was wondering if it was worth the expense of converting an oil-heat system with baseboard heat to an electric baseboard-heating system for a three-unit apartment building. TOM: Wow. Are you independently wealthy, Amber? AMBER: Read the full article…

How to Choose a Paint Color That’s Right for You, Fire Prevention Month: Smoke Detector Choice Can Save Lives, Roof Replacement Tips and more


Learn how to choose a paint color for any room in your house, including tips on checking colors in different types of lighting to see how it will look when complete.  January is Fire Prevention Month.  Learn why the type of smoke detector you choose can be crucial when it comes to warning you in enough time to escape.  A home’s roof protects everything inside, but it will need replacement at some point.  Get roof replacement tips from This Old House’s Tom Silva.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, oil furnaces, forced hot air heating, sealing a concrete patio, gutter guards, insulating garages, asphalt roofing, gas stove hookups, garage door openers. 

How to Convert Your Heating System to a Different Fuel


Learn why you might benefit from converting your heating system to use a different type of fuel. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of natural gas, propane, and oil. Get step by step instructions for determining whether fuel conversion could save you money.