Install Unfaced Insulation Over Blown-In Insulation

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Find out how to install unfaced insulation correctly over blown-in insulation.  Learn how one caller made an installation mistake and increased his chances of mold and condensation when he tried to add unfaced insulation over his blown-in attic insulation.

Bathroom Pipe Ventilation

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Find out why your bathroom might have a sewage odor and gurgling pipes. Improper ventilation can cause these problems in your toilet and call for an experienced plumber.

House Mold: the Causes and Costs of Mold

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Learn about the high costs of mold in modern houses and the causes for the mold growth. Mold has been part of our world for centuries, but modern building materials like drywall are particularly vulnerable to mold growth. Learn how the mold in your newer home could be harmful to your health, resulting in mold allergies and asthma.

Replacing Drafty Windows and More


Learn to keep your lawn and garden healthy without harming the environment, including a way to keep bugs away without the use of harsh pesticides. Find out why there has never been a better time to replace old, leaky windows. Federal tax credits make this project timely and affordable.  Get tips to keep your family safe from scalding accidents at home when we welcome an expert from the Home Safety Council. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about mold in the attic, replacing a fireplace mantle, fixing crumbling bricks, removing wallpaper, painting, cleaning and maintaining a wood deck, how to install tile, removing tar and what to do about potentially dangerous asbestos shingles.