Poisonous Holiday Plants to Avoid #1219162

TOM: Coast to coast and floorboards to shingles, this is The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler. LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete. TOM: And Happy Holidays, everybody. Hope you’re having a fantastic holiday weekend enjoying the season, enjoying your friends, your family, maybe even enjoying the relatives because they’re not going to Read the full article…

Sleek Kitchen Designs, Easy Ways to Refinish Furniture and How to Test Your A/C System


Want to incorporate a sleek, modern, clean look into your kitchen? Tom and Leslie have tips on how to achieve one of the hottest new design trends making its way to this side of the Atlantic from Europe.  Plus find out how to breathe new life into some of the furniture you may already have with stain. Learn a quick way to test your air conditioning system to make sure it’s doing all it can to keep you cool and comfortable, and get answers to your calls about, bathroom renovation, metal roofing, hardware options, driveway repair, radiant floors, removing paneling,  cleaning a concrete slab, roof drains, refinishing floors, planning a deck.

Avoiding Bed Bugs, Tips to Build the Best Patio and Solutions for Cooling Problem Rooms


While you’re busy planning your summer get-away, bed bugs may be busy planning how to join you! Tom and Leslie have tips to avoid bringing home the nasty little critters home with your souvenirs.   Plus, get tips on single easiest way to build a patio using paver bricks, and solutions for cooling problem rooms. We have answers to you questions on, metal roofing, water filtration system, asphalt driveway, foundation problems, spiders, hot water tanks, repairing pool steps, installing new molding,  central air conditioning.

Keep Home Furnishings from From Fading in the Sun, Fixing Smelly Water and Tips to Get Your Grill Ready, and more


Direct sunlight can fade furniture and floors, and raise energy costs.  In this show, Tom & Leslie deliver tips to keep damaging UV rays away.  Plus, find out how to fix smelly water problems, learn how to make your grill safe for a season of BBQ fun, and your calls on, sump pumps, well water, spray foam insulation, clean mold, expand deck, metal roof, deck siding, painting interior room, A/C, repair doors.

DIY Pendant Lighting, Backsplash Design Trends, Flooring Choices and more


Get advice on how pendant lighting can totally change the look of a room, and find out how you can install pendant lighting yourself.  Learn about the latest looks for your kitchen backsplash including new materials and patterns.  Find out about flooring options for you home.  Plus get answer to your home improvement questions about, tiling options, driveway repair, Hot Water tank, insulating walls, window repair, leaky shower, cleaning granite countertops, metal roofing, cleaning stainless sinks, vapor shield, sunroom temperature.

Life Expectancy of Household Appliances, Home Energy Audit to Save Money, New Furnace Checklist and more


Learn what you need to know about life expectancy when it comes to your home’s major systems, including the roof, siding and HVAC.  Find out what a home energy audit is and how it can help you save on utility bills at home.  If you’re in the market for a new furnace, we’ve got your checklist on what features to look for.  Plus get answers on your home improvement questions about, filter options, mold removal, closet planning, insulating a roof, drain odors, chain link fence installation, grout removal, repairing garage floor cracks, cabinet refinishing, shower planning.

Adding Insulation for Added Warmth, the Home Appliance to Splurge On, and Sheet Shopping 101 for a Better Night’s Sleep


Are you tired of heating bill sticker shock – or winter spent under a blanket?  Most homes lack sufficient insulation.  Learn where and how to give yours a boost.  Discover which energy-efficient appliance saves you big in the long run.  And don’t buy new bedsheets before knowing the pros and cons of each material and type.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, garage door parts, heating a garage, bathroom renovations, hard water issues, metal roofing, tiling bathroom walls, lower energy costs, replacement wiring, firewood storage, window covering options.