Exterior Led Lights Increase Home Security and Save Money & Energy

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For safety and security reasons, many homeowners leave certain exterior lights on all night. LEDs can help dramatically reduce the total amount of energy used by your exterior bulbs.

Foundry Siding Combines the Beauty of Cedar with the Durability of Vinyl

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What if you could give your home the curb appeal of cedar without the intensive maintenance needs and other pitfalls of wood? Foundry vinyl cedar siding is beautiful, durable, and virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. And because it’s nearly maintenance-free, you’ll have more time to simply enjoy your home.

Home Security Systems: Are They Worth the Cost?

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Find out whether it is worth the cost to have a home security system installed for your house. Learn about the basic components of a home security system as well as the different kinds of monitoring services that are available. Also get tips about other ways to minimize the risk of burglary to your home.

Home Tips to Keep Trick-or-Treaters Safe This Halloween


Make sure your treat headquarters is safe and easy to approach with this Halloween home safety checklist.

Halloween Pranks & Mischief: Tips for Prevention & Cleanup


Take the following precautions to put any Halloween tricksters right out of business before damage is done.