How to Repair Leaking Ridge Vent


LESLIE: Ted in Florida has a question about a leaking ridge vent. How can we help you today? TED: Listen, folks, I was calling about a leaking ridge vent that I have on my home. It’s a north-south top where the ridge vent was installed but it only seems to leak when the rain blows in Read the full article…

Frost Free Faucets

Frozen, Water

LESLIE: Well, broken water pipes can cause expensive home headaches and they happen most often in winter when pipes carrying water freeze, expand and then burst. TOM: Yep. But ironically enough, the pipe most susceptible to freezing – which, of course, is that outdoor hose faucet – is also the easiest to protect. With us Read the full article…

Easy Improvements in 30 Minutes or Less, Cutting Down on House Dust and Allergens and How to Plan a New Kitchen


Taking care of your home doesn’t have to mean blocking out the entire weekend – Tom and Leslie have easy 30 minute projects you can take on to make sure your home is set for this season ahead.  Plus, once it comes time to close up your windows and doors for the chilly weather ahead, dust and allergens can begin to build up fast.  Find out the best kind of filter to keep the air clean.  And get tips on the sensible way to planning a new kitchen, along with your calls on, cement bock walls, leaky pipes, venting an attic, treating a deck, carpet installations, door adjustments, cleaning shower doors, attic stairs, 

Avoiding Summer Storm Damage, Using Reclaimed Wood for Projects and Building Solid Deck Footings


Severe summer storms can strike at any moment, no matter where you are.  Tom & Leslie have tips to help you make sure you’re ready.  Plus, using recycled or “reclaimed” wood for projects is a great idea.  We’ll tell you the best places to find it, and get tips for building solid deck footings. Plus your answers to, refurbishing countertops, painting wallpapered walls, paneling, staining cabinets, ceiling cracks, leaky faucets, eliminating ants, renovate a bathroom, water heaters, cleaning a linoleum floor.

Fixing Stuck Windows, Replacing Your Fence and Tips on Choosing Colors


Now that you have your windows open more often, are you noticing that they’re not easy to GET open and closed?  Tom & Leslie have tips to get these sliding once again.  Plus, find out the step-by-step to fence replacement; get tips for choosing paint colors and your calls about, high water tables, leaky pipes, swamp coolers, refinishing furniture, septic tanks, brick patio pavers, dye grout, hardwood flooring, cleaning a floor after carpet removal, squirrel and raccoon problems.