Laundry Upgrades


TOM: Whether you’re adding or just updating a laundry room, a few simple features can prevent plumbing disasters and protect the rest of your home. Hi, I’m Tom Kraeutler. LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete with today’s Money Pit Home Improvement Minute. TOM: For a leak-proof laundry room, start by updating your water supply hoses. Rubber-based Read the full article…

Back to School? 8 Stain Removal Tips to Keep Kids Clothes Clean!

Little kids hugging, their faces and hands are colored

As another school year begins, kids around the country are hitting the halls in their brand new duds. Unfortunately, it can often seem like their clothes are magnets for all different kinds of smears, smudges and stains. With the following stain removal tips, you’ll be able to get your kids’ clothes looking good as new again.

How to Fix a Leaky Two-Handle Cartridge Faucet | Video


How to Fix a Leaky Two-Handle Cartridge Faucet Common in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, two-handle cartridge faucets are easy to repair. If yours is leaking, you can fix it on your own with a few basic supplies. To make your repair, here’s what you’ll need. TOOLS Allen wrenches Tongue and groove pliers MATERIALS Replacement Read the full article…

Hyde Pivotpro Water Wand Makes Cleaning Jobs Faster and Easier


The Hyde PivotPro Water Wand turns your hose into a cleaning machine, allowing you to wet, soap, scrub and rinse most anything with just one tool. It’s called a PivotPro because it has a patented nozzle that pivots as you work so you can get all the tough spots without straining. It’s the perfect tool to help you tackle your to-do list.

DrySafer Clothes Dryer Lint Alarm Helps Prevent Fires


DrySafer is a clothes dryer lint alarm. All clothes dryers have lint filters to catch the lint. However, because lint is so small, it bypasses these filters and starts to build up inside both the dryer and the exhaust ducts, reducing the dryer’s airflow. Once the airflow is reduced, the dryer runs longer and hotter, and can overheat and cause a fire. DrySafer’s patented airflow sensor easily installs onto the back of your dryer and sounds an alarm if the airflow ever becomes restricted. Tom Asciolla joins Leslie Segrete at the 2015 National Hardware Show to share more about the product.