Laminate Floor Underlayment: Is it Needed?

Lumber Liquidators’ Click Ceramic Plank Tile Flooring is Durable and Beautiful

Laminate Floor Underlayment: Is it Needed? LESLIE: Joe in Ohio, you’ve got The Money Pit. What can we do for you today? JOE: I’ve got a question for some bamboo laminate or snap-together flooring. TOM: OK. JOE: And somebody told me I needed to have a special underlayment that goes with the bamboo, compared to Read the full article…

Fixing Flooded Yards, Easy Cleaning Tips, Adding Outdoor Lighting


Is there spot in your yard where water seems to always collect?  Tom and Leslie have tips on a DIY solution that’s simple to install.  Plus, Get DIY window cleaning tips, including a recipe for a solution that cost just pennies to mix up. Scott Caron, the electrician on TV’s This Old House stops by with tips on how to safely run underground wires, plus get answers to your questions about, laminate flooring, fire pits, home odors, noisy plumbing, cleaning siding, deck sealers, cracked concrete, planning a garden, insulation options.