Finding and Hiring a Home Energy Auditor


Objectivity is key in a home energy auditor, who tests homes for efficiency and lets you know where hot and cold air are escaping – or getting in.  Find out how to find an auditor that's independent, and isn't focused on selling services like weatherstripping and insulation.  Also, learn which tests every home energy auditor should conduct. 

Use of Spray-Foam Insulation for Cold Climate


LESLIE: Ron in Alaska is on the line and needs some help with the use of spray-foam insulation. What can we do for you today? RON: Well, I’ve got a house that was pretty extensively remodeled and all polyurethane spray-foam insulation. TOM: Nice. RON: And we went in – yeah, that’s what I thought. Well, Read the full article…

Best Insulation for Cathedral Ceiling


LESLIE: Rob in California is on the line with an insulation question for a Cathedral Ceiling. What could we do for you? ROB: Well, I’ve heard about this spray-foam insulation. And I’ve heard about – from you and others – that when we’re applying insulation in a cathedral-ceiling situation, we have to provide for ventilation Read the full article…

How to Improve Ventilation With Fiberglass Insulation


LESLIE: Nick in Texas has a question about ventilation with fiberglass insulation. You’ve got The Money Pit. What can we do for you today? NICK: I want to add some blown-in insulation into my attic. TOM: OK. NICK: The house only has gable vents on three ends. Do I need to block the soffit area Read the full article…

Rebranded ROCKWOOL Insulation Defies Fire, Water & Sound at 2018 International Builders Show

ROXUL ComfortBatt in use low res cropped

Tom Kraeutler:   This is The Money Pits Top Products Podcast. I’m Tom Kraeutler on the floor of the 2018 International Builders’ Show, a place we get to come to check out products both new and old that can help you improve your home, make it more energy efficient. Now, one product that’s been doing that Read the full article…