All About Decorative Exterior Glass Doors

decorative exterior glass doors

Decorative exterior glass doors are one of the ways to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Find out what to look for when choosing a decorative glass entry door, and learn common terms associated with entry door components.

No Cost to Low Cost ways to Keep Cool, Saving Heat Damaged Lawns and Tips to Stop Mold from Growing in Your Home


Now that summer is at its hottest, are you scraping for every possible way you can to keep cool and comfortable? Tom & Leslie share a few low-cost to no-cost tips that can do just that. Plus, with the water shortages and generally blistering heat across the nation, get advice on how to avoid having your yard turn into a dead, dry wasteland. Find out the one item that might be inviting toxic mold to grow in your home, and get answers to your questions about choosing lightbulbs, mold on wallpaper, replacing drywall, universal design ideas, grubs in lawn, insulation options, cleaning siding, shade options and toilet repair. 

Tiny Home Revolution Goes DIY, Stone Walls That Stand and Tips to Keep Your Home Water Tight Through Spring Storms


Tiny homes have become all the rage – find out how one major retailer is offering tiny home kits for DIYers. Get tips on building a stone wall that will stand the test of time. Find out how to keep spring rains from finding their way into your home. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about ridge vents, paint removal, bathtub cracks, basement wall moisture, spray insulation, refinishing wood floors, flies, resurfacing a tub.

Thinking About Tiny Homes? You Can Diy – or Just Move in

Tiny Home

Tiny homes have become all the rage. Many people are attracted to the concept of downsizing their possessions and simplifying their lives, as well as the affordability and environmental responsibility that tiny houses can offer. In response to the tiny house trend, building materials supplier 84 Lumber has introduced a new line of portable tiny homes.

Advice on Spring Project TO-DO List, Baby Proofing Tips, How to Know When to Use a Heat Gun, Soldering Iron or Torch and more


Spring is in the air and it’s time to take on those projects you’ve been putting off.  Get advice on which projects you should take on, starting with regular maintenance on your home.  Get tips on how to make your home baby proof before you start hearing the pitter patter of little feet.  And learn the difference between a heat gun, soldering iron or a torch and when to use each tool. Plus get answer to your home improvement questions about, painting, converting a room, refinishing a tub, roof repairs, cracked tiles, replacement windows, power washing, garage lights and doors, gutter repair.

Affordable Home Makeovers, Choosing the Right Generator Before the Next Power Outage, and How Renters Can Save on Heating Bills


Looking to shake things up in your home without breaking the bank?  Learn which home upgrades pack a big punch – for less.  Discover which standby generator’s best for keeping your house powered during storms.  And renters, stop flushing money down the drain.  Get landlord-approved tips for making your rental space more energy efficient.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, fireplace repair, roof damage, fogging windows, dishwasher repair, crawl space dampness, stair repair, soundproofing a room, building or modular homes.