Should Vents In Unused Rooms Be Open or Closed in Winter? It Depends

How Long Can I Keep Homemade “Steel Wool & Vinegar” Stain?

LESLIE: Evan in Florida is on the line and has a question about vents in unused rooms. How can we help you today? EVAN: Well, my wife and I have a long-standing disagreement on what’s best during the winter months for vents in unused rooms. TOM: OK. EVAN: I say close them but she says Read the full article…

HVAC System Checklist for Safe, Efficient Operation


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, or HVAC, is an essential system to any home. However, it’s also one that needs very consistent maintenance.  By its very nature, HVAC systems can build up combustion deposits on burners, or clog coils with duct and if not maintained, can become inefficient, fail, or at worse even become very Read the full article…

Heated Floors vs. Radiators: Best Hot Water Heating System for Your Home

heating floor

Forced-air heat may be the most common form of heating system across much of the nation but it has its drawbacks—allergy concerns, duct leakage and the complexity of system zoning can make for an uncomfortable and expensive way to keep your home comfortable in cold weather. Hydronic (hot water) heating, which uses hot water instead Read the full article…

How to Cut Water Heating Costs + Closet Organization Tips #0122181


TOM: Coast to coast and floorboards to shingles, this is The Money Pit Podcast. I’m Tom Kraeutler. LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete. TOM: And we are here for you, so take a look around your house, your apartment, your condo. What projects do you want to get done? You can ask us for help by Read the full article…

HVAC Tune-Ups You Can Totally Do Yourself

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When you look at the monthly expenses of running a house, apartment or condo, the cost of heating and cooling is near the top.  HVAC,  which is contractor-speak for Heating, Cooling & Air Conditioning,  is expensive to run and requires regular heating service and is vital for comfort and even health.  Having heat or air Read the full article…

4 Essential Projects for February Weekends

Home Winter Snow

February brings ice, which can accumulate on your roof, causing an ice dam. Clean your gutters, and check your roof for any shingle damage. If you have a steam boiler system, February is a good time to check the steam boiler system and make sure it is working properly. Some home improvement projects may earn you tax credits, and if you have added insulation, replaced windows or added heating and cooling equipment, you may qualify for tax credits. Finally, store firewood away from structures, so you don't invite termites to have a munch fest on your existing structures.