Spring Cleaning Things that Never Get Cleaned, Using Kitchen Items as Organizing Tools and more


Get advice on how to clean things in your home that rarely get cleaned, like the underside of your kitchen range hood.  Discover life hacks for organizing that include using kitchen items like muffin tins.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, changing electrical panels, water lines, non chemical manufacturing, lighting, rusty well water, building a garage, ridge venting, tiling, bathroom venting, removal of stains on stair.

Stressed out by Garage Clutter? Here’s How to Get Organized


A survey this year found that a whopping 74% of Americans wish their garage was better organized. If your garage is practically bulging at the seams with clutter, take heart. You can impose order on the chaos with a few simple organizational principles.

Saving On Homeowners Insurance, Adding Low Voltage Lights, and How to Decode Window Rating Labels


Find out which small home improvements can lead to big savings on monthly insurance premiums.  Learn how to install low voltage lighting in your yard or garden – it's easier than you think! And discover everything you need to know about shopping for windows. Plus, get answers to your home improvement questions about, mold removal, building a garage, lighting installation, squeaky doors, leaky toilets, ventilation systems, painting a brick fireplace, woodstoves, lighting problems.

Stanley Mechanics Tool Rolling Cabinet Makes Great Holiday Gift Under $100 | Video


Stanley Mechanics Tool Rolling Cabinet provides high quality mechanics tools as well as a ball bearing slide metal storage cabinet designed to keep those tools organized. With a storage capacity of more than 5,000 cubic inches, this rolling cabinet has enough space to store the 68-pc mechanics tools included, plus many of your other tools – making them organized and easy to find.

Fall Garage Storage and Organization Tips


With fall fully underway, the time has come to put summer gear into storage. These garage organization tips will help ensure that your space is safe and neat, with easy access to what you need.

Options for Tool Organization and Storage


If your workspace is cluttered and you can never seem to find the tool you're looking for, these tool storage and organization tips will help you impose some order on the chaos. Learn about interlocking storage systems and rolling containers that give you flexibility.