Great Grills for Sizzling Summer Meals #0703172


TOM: Coast to coast and floorboards to shingles, this is The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show. I’m Tom Kraeutler. LESLIE: And I’m Leslie Segrete. TOM: And we are here to help you with your summer home improvement project. What’s on your to-do list? You need to step up the A/C? Thinking about doing a Read the full article…

Easy Epoxy Garage Floor Repair


LESLIE: Cindy in North Carolina is on the line and is having some issues with an epoxy floor coating. What happened, Cindy? CINDY: My husband and I have a townhome and it was owned by several other people. From what I understand, the previous owners used to fix cars in the garage, so – it’s Read the full article…

How to Finish a Garage Floor with Epoxy

Garage, Floor

LESLIE: Sure, a garage is for housing your cars. But these days, it’s all so much more. Many families use it as an entrance to their home so it can only help to finish garage floor. The garage can often be a workshop, a hobby space or maybe even a home gym area. TOM: Gosh, Read the full article…

Best Way to Clean Screens, Easy to Build Masonry Projects and How to Create a College Toolbox


While you may have been enjoying a lazy summer, your windows screens have been taking a beating from bugs, bird droppings and anything else floating through the air.  Tom & Leslie will have three easy steps to make them sparkle.  Plus, masonry work may be viewed as one of the toughest jobs. Get info on a new modular system that allows you to build an amazing number of masonry projects without cutting a single brick. And it’s back to school time. If you have a teenager heading off to college, find out how to put together the perfect college toolbox for all their needs.  And get answers to your questions about, solar power, insulating a garage, basement , repairing asphalt driveway, hardwood floor repair, shade options, water softners.