10 Tips to Stop Hurricane Damage

Tree Storm Damage

Learn how to hurricane-proof your home with our ten hurricane preparation tips to help you keep your family safe and minimize damage to your home during a hurricane.

Insuring Your Contractor, Designer Deck Ideas, Ventilation for New Homes and more


If you’re hiring a contractor for a home improvement project this spring, make sure you’re covered in case of injury at your house.  Get ideas for a luxury deck makeover to increase space and value for less money than a home addition.  Learn why new homes need to properly ventilated to allow air circulation.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, laminate, tile and wood floor installation, septic systems, decorating ideas for paneled walls, electrical systems, safe venting, plaster wall repair, mold removal, beams.

Money-Saving Alternatives to Tiny Houses, Installing Pendulum Lighting, and What You Need to Know Before Adding Electric Heat


Postage-stamp sized homes aren’t for everyone.  Learn how to get the best of tiny house living without scaling down drastically.  And not all pendulum lights are DIY-friendly.  Discover whether you should install them yourself, or call a pro.  And electric heating goes a long way toward warming chilly rooms.  Learn the pros and cons of this popular solution.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, repairing wood floors, siding, paint options, wallpaper removal, well water, repairing a beam, cracked railing repair, water heater options, radiant flooring. 

Gifts for Gadget-Lovers, Help Your Home’s Exterior in One Fell Swoop, and Add Productivity and Relaxation to Your Holiday Season


Give the perfect gifts to everyone on your list.  Make the one big change that will boost your home’s look – and value.  Get help streamlining December busyness.  Plus answers to your home improvement questions about, preparing to sell house, remove roof moss, painting interior, repairing asphalt driveway, repointing bricks, repairing sliding glass doors, removing wallpaper, framing options, caulking, water in the basement.

How to Plant a Shrub, Save Energy and Money with One Simple Step, How to Decorate Your Walls with Photos and more


Learn step-by-step instructions for planting a shrub to bring some interest to your landscaping.  Discover the one thing you are doing that can cause your electric bill to spike and how to save energy and money.  Find out how to take those photos collecting in your phone, on your computer or in your drawers and turn them into a gallery of photos to decorate your wall.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, attic storage, septic tanks, screen porch repair, molding repair, beam reinforcement, cement porch repair, leaky showers, mold clean up, painting bathroom cabinets, cleaning a driveway, replacing drain pipes, selecting insulation.

Top Five Home Improvement Mistakes to Avoid, Cut Down High Hot Water Bills, Learn About the Warm Color Hues that Will Chase Away Winter Blues and more


The remodeling outlook for 2014 is very strong.  Learn what home improvement mistakes to avoid before you take on that next project.  Find out simple ways to cut costs when it comes to your water heater.  Get tips on colors that will chase away winter blues, including ideas for incorporating them into your décor.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, tile flooring, tree roots, removing wallpaper, bearing walls, sump pumps, metal roofs, laminate flooring, bathroom renovation, cleaning grout, replacement windows.

Sandy Episode 6: New Flood Zones Aim to Keep Homes High and Dry


For the victims of Hurricane Sandy, the letters A and V can be the difference between a spending hundreds of thousands of extra dollars to rebuild storm battered homes — or not.  A and V are the names of flood zones — mapped out by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  After Hurricane Sandy struck, FEMA revised these zones, as homeowners waited, to learn how high their newly rebuilt homes would need to be.  Anxiety was high – because when it comes to raising a house, the higher it goes the more money it takes to get it there.