How to Repair Cracks in Plaster Walls, Easy DIY Projects for Beginners, Improve Indoor Air Quality and more


Learn how to repair cracks in plaster walls properly so they don’t keep cracking again and again.  Find out which DIY projects rate low on the difficulty scale so that you can get started as a beginner.  Discover what indoor air pollutants you may be exposed to in your home and how to reduce threats to air quality in your home.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, renovating a home, creating storage space, caring for hardwood flooring, eliminating drain odors, settling floors, installing a railing, rust stains in a toilet, Leaking A/C wallpaper removal, keeping flat roofs free of debris.

Garage Safety Check, How to Find Where Mold Hides, Tips on Returning Electronics, Post-Holiday Cleanup and more


Start your new year off with a resolution to make sure your garage door is operating safely.  Learn what to look for and how to make sure all is working as it should.  Think keeping a clean house prevents mold?  Think again.  Mold can hide in the most pristine of homes.  Discover those hiding spots and get rid of mold for good.  Electronics are big gift items, but when it comes to returning or exchanging unwanted electronics, things can get sticky.  Find out the secrets to returning electronics successfully.  Get advice on easy post-holiday cleanup. Plus, get answers to your home improvement questions about, leaky windows, hard water, drain odors, leveling floors, tiling a fireplace surround, removing window panes from older windows, cement countertops, repairing wall cracks, roof loads, removing a tree.

Safe Playground Tips, How to Install Pendant Lighting, How to Set the Sale Price of Your Home and more


Get advice on how to build a backyard play set safely and properly, with fall zones and safety checks.  Get tips on how to install DIY pendant lighting.  Learn how to set the sale price of your home to get the bottom line you want.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, installing a pool, shed, fixing a leaky flat roof, painting kitchen cabinets, shower door mold, thermostat options, insulation, squeaky hardwood floors.