How To Install a Fence Post Cap | Video


How To Install a Fence Post Cap Fence post caps are an attractive addition to any fence or deck. They also perform an important role, covering end grain that would otherwise absorb water that can lead to cracking and rotting. Fence post caps come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Some require installation Read the full article…

Home Safety for Kids, Handy Tool for Electrical Repairs and Preventing Injuries in the Yard


Just because kids may be old enough to stay home alone, they may not be able to handle a home related emergency.  Tom and Leslie have tips to make sure you and your kids are prepared. Plus, find out what tools you need for basic electrical repairs, and learn how to prevent he most common types of injuries in the yard. Get answers to your calls about, cleaning, grilles, stove tops, asbestos, vinyl fence, solar panels, mold from basement walls, repair kitchen shelving, eliminate bees.

How-to Get the Look of Wood without the Maintenance, Tips for Building Fences and How to know if a Home is Worth Fixing


Get tips on composites that deliver the beauty without the maintenance.  Find out how to build a fence that can stand up to termites, rot and more.  Tom and Leslie share tips on how to determine if a home is really worth fixing. Plus get answers to your questions about , dimmer installation, carpenter bees, foundations, replacing drain pipes, crawl spaces, coy ponds, granite countertops, septic tanks. 

Home Investments Can Pay Off, Tips on a Building Fence, Perk Up Your Home for Spring and more


Instead of investing in an unpredictable stock market, make some investments in your home that can pay off in the long run.  Get tips on the proper way to build a fence.  Learn how to perk up your home for spring with fresh design and color ideas. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about , keeping rodents out, choosing paint colors, tub repair, peeling ceiling paint, insulation options, temporary window seal, paneling in kitchen, water heater options, tile floors, wall cracks, appliance vibration.

Life Expectancy of Household Appliances, Home Energy Audit to Save Money, New Furnace Checklist and more


Learn what you need to know about life expectancy when it comes to your home’s major systems, including the roof, siding and HVAC.  Find out what a home energy audit is and how it can help you save on utility bills at home.  If you’re in the market for a new furnace, we’ve got your checklist on what features to look for.  Plus get answers on your home improvement questions about, filter options, mold removal, closet planning, insulating a roof, drain odors, chain link fence installation, grout removal, repairing garage floor cracks, cabinet refinishing, shower planning.

Keeping Trees Alive Through Winter, How to Make Sure Your Mattress Isn’t Making You Sick, and Adding Pro Ranges to Your Home Kitchen


Make sure outdoor trees live through winter with tips on keeping them warm and alive until temperatures break.  Learn to extend the life of your mattress – and keep it free of harmful bacteria.  And just because you can handle it doesn’t mean your kitchen can: What you need to know before installing a commercial range in a home kitchen. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, paint options, window screens, insulating floors, fence installation, room addition, septic issues, roof gutters, mold removal, water heater options, universal design, repairing ceiling damage.

Get A Cleaner House By Learning Your Cleaning Personality Type, Save Money By Building A Fence On Your Own, And Find Out Whether Your Home Is Secure From Anywhere, Anytime


Whether you put off cleaning at any cost or only vacuum when company’s coming, you have a distinctive Cleaning Personality Type – learn what yours is and you can learn how to clean better.  Do you need to keep kids and pets in and noise out – on a budget?  Get DIY fence-building tips.  And whether you’ve been gone for ten minutes or ten days, you can check in on your house easily with a quick glance at your phone.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, repair laminate countertops, squeaky floors, installing a dishwasher, tile shower, household odors, clean kitchen cabinets, hot water issues, sinking foundation, soundproofing.

DIY Fence Building Tips


Find out how to build a fence yourself. Get tips on making sure it falls within your side of the property line, letting the purpose of the fence guide its design and installing it so the “good” side is facing out. Also learn how to set a post properly to ensure a sturdy, durable fence and how to spruce up a plain fence.