10 Tips to Stop Hurricane Damage

Tree Storm Damage

Learn how to hurricane-proof your home with our ten hurricane preparation tips to help you keep your family safe and minimize damage to your home during a hurricane.

When to Upgrade Your Electrical Service Panel


Your home’s electrical panel is made up of circuits that provide electricity to your home. You probably never think about it until a circuit trips and you have to. But if you find that happening more often, could it mean that you need to upgrade your electrical service panel? Learn the five signs your service panel may need an upgrade.

How to Fix a Light Switch That’s Stopped Working?

Euphoric couple moving house and watching phone

Once you've eliminated bulbs as the issue, a faulty light switch can mean one of many things.  Discover what steps to take to get to the bottom of the problem – and to find a solution.  Plus, learn about a new and invaluable product that can prevent electrical fires in your home. 

The Cool New Take on Man Caves, Your Spring Air Conditioning Check, and Multi-Generational Homes


Move over, man caves – bar sheds are the new go-to getaway for men and women alike looking for an at-home retreat.  Learn how changes in your home can make it easier for seniors, adults, kids and babies to live under the same roof.  Get tips for making sure your air conditioner can take on this summer’s heat.  Plus, get answers to your home improvement questions about, painting preparation, outlet repair, ceiling stains, roof options, HWH, paint siding, water hammer, tiling a basement floor.

Learn How to Save on Energy Bills, Halloween Dos and Don’ts, How to Avoid Emergency Plumbing Calls During the Holiday Season and more


Are energy bills sucking your wallet dry?  Learn how to avoid drains that come from vampire electronics, which keep using electricity when you’re not using them.  Get advice on last minute Halloween dos and don’ts to keep trick-or-treaters safe.  Find out why plumbing service calls spike this time of year and how to avoid a costly emergency.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, carpet removal, thermostats, repairing cracks, removing popcorn ceiling, removing wax from a deck, sealing a concrete floor, lubricating vinyl windows, basement flooring options.

DIY Wainscoting to Add Elegance to Any Room, Online House Hunting Tips, Best Flooring Options for Basement Rooms, Instant Backyard Ambience with Torches and more


Learn how to add wainscoting to any room to make it more elegant.  Find out why not all real estate web sites are created equal and get online house hunting tips to help find the house of your dreams.  Get advice on flooring options for basement rooms, where moisture and humidity are always considerations.  Learn how to add instant ambience to your backyard celebrations with torches.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, updating electrical service, installing basement windows, bee problems, A/C installation, cleaning siding, staining a new deck, repairing a retaining wall.