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Chimney Safety Tips, Keeping Your Fresh Christmas Tree Healthy All Season, Save on Holiday Utility Bills and more


If you are waiting for Santa Claus to pay your home a visit, you might want to make sure the chimney is clean and safe.  Learn how  find a reputable chimney sweep company.  Get advice to help keep your live tree fresh and green for the whole holiday season.  Your kitchen gets quite a workout this time of year, which could add up to high utility bills if you’re not careful.  Get advice on saving water, gas and electricity.  Plus, get answers to your home improvement questions about updating baths and kitchens, squeaky floor fixes, insulation products, radon, cleaning a deck, mold on walls, noisy countertops, and decorating a fireplace.

Childproof Your Home for the Holidays, Chimney Safety Tips, Home Appliances Worth Your Money and More


Learn how to make your home safe for children over the holiday season. Get tips on keeping your chimney safe and in top shape. Consumer’s Digest gives your great ideas on which appliances are worth giving as gifts. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, basement drainage, grants or loans for renovations, improving foundation, correcting window movement, radiant heating, fixing drafty doors, remodeling a deck, appliance warrantees.

How to Prevent Rodent Infestation, Chimney Safety, EPA Water Saving Tips and More


Learn how to prevent rodent infestation by getting advice on ways to keep mice and rats out of your house. Find out what to look for in your chimney to make sure it’s safe and structurally sound. And get tips from the EPA that take the guesswork out of saving water. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, insulation, ice maker, garage floor repair, leaky roofs, toilet installation, carpet products, refrigerator purchase.

How to Fix Your Concrete Patio. Learn Fireplace Safety and More


 Learn a quick way to keep your concrete patio looking great. Tips on how to get your fireplace ready for cozy Fall temperatures.Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about metal roofing, siding options, removing carpeting, restoring a deck, cleaning mold off driveways, painting a basement floor.