How to Remove Carpet | Video

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How to Remove Carpet If your carpet’s seen better days, there’s no need to grin and bear it. You can easily remove carpeting yourself in an afternoon with some basic tools and materials, saving up to $200 in the process. Here’s what you’ll need for this simple DIY project: TOOLS & MATERIALS Furniture Sliders Hammer Read the full article…

Easy Improvements in 30 Minutes or Less, Cutting Down on House Dust and Allergens and How to Plan a New Kitchen


Taking care of your home doesn’t have to mean blocking out the entire weekend – Tom and Leslie have easy 30 minute projects you can take on to make sure your home is set for this season ahead.  Plus, once it comes time to close up your windows and doors for the chilly weather ahead, dust and allergens can begin to build up fast.  Find out the best kind of filter to keep the air clean.  And get tips on the sensible way to planning a new kitchen, along with your calls on, cement bock walls, leaky pipes, venting an attic, treating a deck, carpet installations, door adjustments, cleaning shower doors, attic stairs, 

Spring Cleaning Hacks, Tips to Make Soggy Yards Disappear and How to determine if a home is Green


Get spring cleaning shortcuts to get it done faster.  Find out how to make soggy yards disappear without the use of difficult to install French drains and find out how to determine if a home is truly green and energy efficient. Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, repairing a concrete floor, basement cracks, drain odors, ventilation systems, roofing vents, settling foundation, carpet cleaning.

How to Trouble Shoot Your Vacuum Cleaner, What You Can Do to Avoid Shower Shock, When is it Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel and more


If your vacuum cleaner just doesn’t seem to have to same sucking power it used to, don’t get rid of it just yet.  Get some simple trouble shooting tips to see if you can breathe new life into your old vacuum.  If you suddenly get a blast of too hot or too cold water during your shower, you might need a pressure balance valve.  Get advice on how to avoid shower shock.  And you might be getting shocks of another kind if you don’t have the right electrical panel.  Find out if yours needs an upgrade.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, squeaky faucets, floors, squirrels, hot water issues, sidewalk , ceiling repair, air conditioning issues, removing carpet stains, structural problems, weed removal.