Building Blocks for Backyard Projects, Ideas for Easy Appliance Cleaning and How to Spot Termites Before they Dine on Your House


Tom and Leslie deliver tips on creating projects like grill surrounds, fire pits, and benches that are as easy to build as stacking blocks.  Find out the easy way to make sure your appliances are clean, and get advice on how to spot termites before causing potentially serious damage. Plus answers to your questions about, concrete driveways, removing stains on walls, cleaning up after a flood, home purchasing, floor cracks, room addition, tankless hot water heaters, peeling decks, window repair, electrical issues.

Thinking About Tiny Homes? You Can Diy – or Just Move in

Tiny Home

Tiny homes have become all the rage. Many people are attracted to the concept of downsizing their possessions and simplifying their lives, as well as the affordability and environmental responsibility that tiny houses can offer. In response to the tiny house trend, building materials supplier 84 Lumber has introduced a new line of portable tiny homes.

Affordable Home Makeovers, Choosing the Right Generator Before the Next Power Outage, and How Renters Can Save on Heating Bills


Looking to shake things up in your home without breaking the bank?  Learn which home upgrades pack a big punch – for less.  Discover which standby generator’s best for keeping your house powered during storms.  And renters, stop flushing money down the drain.  Get landlord-approved tips for making your rental space more energy efficient.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, fireplace repair, roof damage, fogging windows, dishwasher repair, crawl space dampness, stair repair, soundproofing a room, building or modular homes.