Best Way to Clean Old Bathroom Tile

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LESLIE: Sherry in Georgia is on the line with a question about how to clean old bathroom tile. What’s going on? SHERRY: I bought a condo and the bathroom tiles are really, really pretty but they’re old. And they have lost their luster. And I think it – you know, I went looking for a Read the full article…

How to Stop Large Ceramic Tiles from Cracking

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LESLIE: George in Utah is on the line with some sort of bathroom floor issue over at their money pit and large ceramic tiles. What is going on? GEORGE: Yeah, I’ve got bathroom floor tile that’s starting to crack in places. So the flooring underneath it is crumbling and I’m just not sure what to fix Read the full article…

Can I Put Vinyl Tile Over Sheet Tile?

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It's generally advisable to remove old flooring and paint before adding new layers.  But exceptions do exist.  Learn how to determine whether layering floor types is acceptable or not.   Plus, buyer beware: Discover the major pitfall of sheet vinyl flooring.