Using Utility Programs to Lower Electricity Costs, Garage Door Improvements and Dorm Room Decor


Was your last electric bill a real shocker?  Tom and Leslie have advice on how utility companies are required to offer programs to help you use LESS of their product.  Plus, the garage door turns 95 years old.  We’ve got some fun facts about the history of the garage door to share as well as a peak into the biggest safety and décor improvements.  And if you are shopping for your college student’s home away from home, we’ve got tips on dorm essentials offer up function, flair and some extra free space.  All that plus answers to your calls about, railing, window repair, garage flooring, water temperature, attic noises, paint options.

Fixing Flooded Yards, Easy Cleaning Tips, Adding Outdoor Lighting


Is there spot in your yard where water seems to always collect?  Tom and Leslie have tips on a DIY solution that’s simple to install.  Plus, Get DIY window cleaning tips, including a recipe for a solution that cost just pennies to mix up. Scott Caron, the electrician on TV’s This Old House stops by with tips on how to safely run underground wires, plus get answers to your questions about, laminate flooring, fire pits, home odors, noisy plumbing, cleaning siding, deck sealers, cracked concrete, planning a garden, insulation options. 

Get Ideas for Home Improvements that Pay Off, New Kitchen Trends, How to Clean Overlooked Areas of Your Home and more


If you’d like to invest in home improvements that will allow you to recoup costs when you sell, look into the annual cost versus value report for ideas.  Get the top ROI improvements from Tom and Leslie.  Learn about new kitchen trends using mixed metals in finishes on fixtures and hardware.  Get a jump start on spring cleaning with advice on cleaning the most overlooked area of your home.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, toilet clogs, sub flooring, water hammer, adding heating, pressure balance valves, foundation issues, ants, surge protectors.

4 Annoying House Noises, Explained (and Solved!)

house noises

Learn how to stop the creaks and squeaks of walls, floors and find out what causes creaking and squeaking floors, knocking behind walls, ghostly toilet flushes and mysterious drafts.

5 Reasons Your Electric Bill is So High, The Hidden Hazard of Chemical De-Icers, and The New Way to Go Green – And Save Big!


Do you stare at it each month and wonder where all your money’s going?  Find out why your electricity bill’s so high – and how to stop wasting all that cash and power.  Learn which family member is most susceptible to chemical de-icers’ health hazards.  And there’s finally a way to dry your clothes without spending big!  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about, wallpaper removal, basement wall paint, lighting options, baseboard heat covers, noisy pipes, attic mold and vents, window condensation, fireplace or wood stoves?, shifting foundation, squirrels in the attic.

Small Smart Home Upgrades for Big Convenience and Savings, Choosing the Best – and Safest – Firewood, and the Easiest, Cheapest Trick for Saving on Hot Water


Do smart homes send your head spinning?  Get high-tech in small, easy steps with the best wireless upgrades for your buck.  Keep your wood-burning stove working longer and better with tips on the best firewood.  And for less than thirty dollars you can save hundreds of dollars over the life of your water heater.  Plus get answers to your home improvement questions about , water hammer, leaky roofs, garage door repair, squeaky wood floors, stove burners, repairing concrete steps, replacing windows, HVAC returns.

A New Generation of Shakes and Shingles, Sheds 101 and How to Make Sure Your Dishes Are Clean


These aren’t your grandfather’s shakes and shingles.  Find out where to find engineered versions as believable as the real thing.  Whether it’s put to a new use or the same old one, take your backyard shed from eyesore to eye-popping.  And it’s supposed to get pots, pans and plates clean, but your dishwasher might be adding germs into the mix.  Find out how to disinfect it safely and effectively.  Plus, answers to your home improvement questions about, sink odors, water hammer, gaps in wood flooring, sinkholes, removing wallpaper, popcorn ceiling, eliminate flies, foundation drainage, paint trim, garage moisture.

Standby Energy for Summer Storms, the Lawnmower of the Future, and Summer Safety Tips for Kids


Power outages can get downright dangerous when temperatures are high.  Find out how to keep lights and AC on when you’re the rest of your neighborhood’s dark.  If your idea of a great Saturday doesn’t include time behind a lawnmower, rejoice: There’s an unmanned mower that does the job right!  And summer is the deadliest season for kids and young adults.  Get advice on sidestepping injury and tragedy while still having lots of warm weather fun.  Plus, answers to your home improvement questions about, noisy plumbing, removing wallpaper, hot water heaters, structural walls, cracks in walls and floors, roofing options, eliminate vines, settled porch, radiant flooring, tub repair.