Tips for Converting Your Attic into Living Space

Play room in a  white basement living room

Converting your attic to living space is a very ambitious project, but not impossible. The key requirements are that you have enough height to stand and move comfortably, and that you call in design professionals who can detail exactly what needs to be done and how to accomplish it safely and effectively. Following are some basic considerations.

Spiral Staircase Kits for Your Home

Staircase with chromed railing

Get tips on spiral staircase kits for your home.  Spiral staircases saves space and adds a stylish focal point to a living area. Find out about options in spiral staircases, such as materials, kit versus custom designs, and configuration planning.

Home Cooling Tips for Summer

AC units connected to the residential house

Learn how to keep your home cool during summer heat using attic fan. Here are few easy ways to cool down – and cool off – without spending a fortune.

Attic Flooring Installation


Things to know when installing a new floor in your attic. Flooring your attic can make it a perfect place for storage. Doing so the wrong way means that you could weaken your structure, squash your insulation or worse, find yourself with one foot planted firmly through the sheetrock ceiling below!