The Money Pit

Removing Stains From Garage Floors

LESLIE: Art in New Jersey, what’s on your mind?

ART: I recently bought a home and the gentleman I bought the home from was an old car collector. And in the garage floor, we have some stains; grease stains and other cleaning stains – some solvents he used. And I was wanting to find out what was the best way of getting them off the floor.

LESLIE: Oh, there’s a great product that you can use which works very well for concrete floors and garages. It’s called TSP, which is trisodium phosphate. And if you take it and add a little bit of water to it and make a paste out of the TSP, you can set it on the stain. And let it sit there for about 10 to 15 minutes and do its job and then you can rinse it away and scrub it out a little bit. And that should do the trick.

TOM: And then, Art, after you get it clean, what you might want to think about doing is using an epoxy garage floor coating kit. The epoxy floor kits are very cool. Basically, what happens is you mix the epoxy paint with a hardener and then you apply it with a roller. And it dries fairly quickly. There’s usually like a color flake or something of that nature you can put on top of it to give it some texture. And once the epoxy dries, I tell you, it’s incredibly tough stuff and that place will look like a million dollars in no time.

ART: Oh, that’s great.

TOM: Okay, Art. Good luck with that project. Thank’s so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.