Water-repellent Plywood Protects Subfloor

 Preventing moisture buildup and problems during construction is a must and water-repellent plywood can help.  Georgia-Pacific, a leader in home building materials that satisfy both builders and homeowners, offers an innovative solution. Plytanium® DryPly Plywood is a new way for residential builders to protect the subfloor before the roof and exterior walls go up during the initial stages of the home construction process. 

Water Repellant Plywood Protects SubfloorPlytanium® DryPly has a water-repellent coating, helping to protect against rain and moisture-related problems during the normal construction cycle. DryPly is also a green product: It’s engineered lumber and makes more efficient use of trees because it’s made using smaller, computer-evaluated lumber and plywood veneers and requires between 40 to 50 percent less wood fiber than the equivalent conventional lumber. 

For more information on preventing moisture problems with Plytanium® DryPly Plywood and to learn about other Georgia-Pacific products, visit www.gp.com/build.

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