Tiki Torches Light Up Backyard Fun

Do you want to make sure your backyard gathering turns into a memorable event? Consider adding tiki torches for instant ambience.  You can get oil burning torches at almost any store that sells outdoor and backyard equipment. You can also use citronella oil in them to keep bugs away.

Anytime you are dealing with an open flame, you’ll need to practice fire safety. Have a bucket of water and a hose close by. When you snuff out the flame, make sure the torches are in a fire-proof place. You can go to www.SaferProduct.gov to make sure the torch you’re using is considered safe and hasn’t been recalled.

For added safety, there are battery and solar powered torches. Some of these will turn on automatically at dusk and flicker like a real flame. It’s possible to light up the night without throwing caution to the wind.

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