Stylish Faucet for Kitchen or Bath

Need help refreshing the look of your bathroom or kitchen? Peerless can help you do it in just one weekend, without spending all that much time or money.

Many of the newly-redesigned faucets offer such contemporary features as high-rise spouts and curved metal handles. What’s more, the variety of affordable finishes (including Chrome, Stainless Steel and Brushed Nickel) are highly durable and corrosion-resistant, helping to ensure that your faucet will keep on looking good for years to come.

Stylish Faucet Transforms a Kitchen or BathIn 1971, Peerless was created as the original Do-It-Yourself faucet brand. It didn’t take them long to earn a reputation for building affordable, dependable faucets. And now they’re making a bigger commitment than ever to helping homeowners’ DIY faucet installations go smoothly.

Peerless’ website provides all the information a do-it-yourselfer could want, in the form of step-by-step instructions, visual references and even downloadable “coping tools.” Whether you’re searching for help getting your old faucet out, assistance getting your new one in, or just want to browse Peerless’ selection of styles and finishes for kitchen and bath, Faucet Coach can help you get your job done with motivation, education and encouragement that’s genuinely without peer.

To browse faucet styles that can help transform a bath or kitchen and get installation tips, visit


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