Sterling Accord Seated Shower Provides Beautiful, Flexible Aging-in-place Solution

The Sterling Accord Seated Shower provides a beautiful, flexible aging-in-place solution for any bathing space. With a seat that is both movable and removable, a geometric back wall design and block-style side walls, it offers safety, visual appeal and bathing comfort.

The Sterling Accord Seated Shower seat has a comfortable sitting and transfer height of 17 ½ inches, and can be positioned on either side of the shower or removed altogether. When positioned to one side or the other, it fits snugly into place and allows the bather to rest their back against the shower’s side wall. Within easy reach are deep, semi-hidden shelves that allow for ample storage of bathing items, and the continuous arch of the back wall maximizes available showering space while partially concealing shelving for a clean, clutter-free look.

Designed to fit standard-sized alcove spaces, the Sterling Accord Seated Shower is available in 48-by-36-inch and 60-by-36-inch models, with or without backer kits. It is constructed from durable, stain- and scratch-resistant Vikrell material, and utilizes Sterling’s “click-together,” caulkless system for easy installation. Optional side and central grab bars may also be added to aid entering, exiting, sitting and standing.

The Sterling Accord Seated Shower is available in White, Kohler Almond and Kohler Biscuit. To learn more about this and other Sterling bath solutions, call 1-800-STERLING or visit

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