Skil Flooring Saw: Laying Floors Has Never Been This Easy!

Installing flooring can be exhausting and back-breaking.  If your project involves wood floors, you’re probably thinking: table saw.  That means it has to be set up in separate work area.  Which means, you will be lugging material back and forth to the installation site.  And you’ll probably need different tools for different types of cuts including rip cuts, cross cuts and miter cuts.  Just thinking about it makes you look at your current floors and think, “They’re not so bad”. 

But now there is a better way to cut flooring.  The new SKIL Flooring Saw takes A LOT of the work out of any flooring project.  The Skil Flooring Saw allows DIYers and pros alike to leave their bench top tools in their workshops and upgrade to a multi-functioning saw that makes clean cuts in nearly all directions. The ease of use and flexibility of this tool is sure to impress even the most seasoned flooring installers.  Designed to cut through hardwood, laminate and engineered flooring up to 8 inches wide and 3/4 inch thick, the SKIL Flooring Saw smoothly makes miter cuts between zero to 47 degrees and also quickly transitions to a fixed saw allowing rip cuts to width.  This tool is a no-brainer.  Incredibly handy, incredibly versatile.  It’s so lightweight you can transport it from site to site with ease.  It cuts through solid wood, engineered hardwood and laminte flooring.  And it comes with a vacuum bag and dust port.  You will use the Skil flooring saw and wonder what you ever did without it.  Learn more at

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