Range Hood Upgrade Improves Indoor Air Quality

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If you’re playing host for Thanksgiving this year, your first step should be to make sure your kitchen equipment is up to the task of cooking up a feast — starting with your range hood.

The right range hood doesn’t just make cooking more pleasant, it actually improves the air quality of your entire home. So the lead-up to Thanksgiving is a great time to replace yours ahead of more holiday cooking and day-to-day time indoors.

In addition to removing cooking odors, a range hood will also whisk away grease, moisture and pollutants, like carbon Range Hood Upgrade Improves Indoor Air Qualitymonoxide and nitrogen dioxide. So make sure it vents to the outside of your house, in order to carry the exhaust and odors completely out of your home for a healthier indoor environment.

It’s also possible to find a hood that works quietly while you’re carrying on a kitchen conversation. You want to look for certified sound ratings and sone levels. One sone is equivalent to around 40 decibels. The lower the sone level, the quieter the range hood is going to be.

Some other range-hood features to look for include dishwasher-safe filters and sensor lighting, which is especially important when you’re prowling around for that midnight snack.

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