Planning Do-it-yourself Deck Projects

As the weather warms up, you’re probably getting ready to return to your favorite outdoor space. And if it doesn’t already include a deck, now’s the time to start planning for one.

Planning Do-It-Yourself Deck ProjectsA deck is a great foundation for an outdoor room, and building one is a doable DIY project if you have the skills. For safe, successful results, focus on the basics of a long-lasting deck design, backed up by the building permits required by your municipality. The most important part of deck construction is a sturdy sub-structure, followed by properly sized framing that is securely attached to the house. Deck posts should be anchored in concrete, and the fasteners must be corrosion-resistant to stand up to year-round weather. Stainless steel screws provide permanent hold without the staining and loosening typical of deck nails, and specially designed hidden fasteners offer equally dependable strength with a sleek look.

The decking and railing materials you choose are also critical to the results of your deck project, and for long-lasting, easy-care good looks, wood-alternative decking is the way to go. Trex Enhance is a high-performance composite material that’s perfect for DIY deck projects, combining the pride of knowing you’ve improved your home with your own two hands with quality results that add to the value of your home. And for an even more professional look, you can use Trex Hidden Fasteners to create a smooth, seamless deck surface free of nails and screws.

Trex Enhance decking is in stock now at The Home Depot, ready to be part of your outdoor oasis as soon as this weekend. Home Depot experts have all the information and support you’ll need to plan a new deck, and you can find more tips, design inspiration and idea-starters at

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