Use Drought Resistant Grass and Save Money by Lowering Water Bill

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The use of water to maintain lush, beautiful lawns is often criticized by environmentally concerned citizens, and scrutinized by various governing bodies.  But researchers are working to introduce new plants into the marketplace that can survive on reduced or limited water, while still maintaining overall plant health.  Drought resistant grass is growing in popularity among homeowners who enjoy a healthy lawn, but not at the expense of the planet overall.

Why should you care about water conservation?  Fresh water supplies are severely limited around the world, especially in Use Drought Resistant Grass and Save Money by Lowering Water Billdeveloping countries.  Urban expansion, industrial growth, and agricultural modernization place greater demands on existing water supplies.

It’s been estimated that the demand for water has increased over three times in just the past 50 years, and will continue to increase in the decades ahead.  In fact, between 2000 and 2025, the pressures from population growth alone will account for a 22.43% decrease in the amount of water available per person.

Weather has taken a toll on our water resources, too.  Our water supply and the quality of our water continues to be jeopardized by persistent, intensifying drought and dry conditions.

One organization is trying to alleviate much of the strain we’re placing on our water resources by promoting drought resistant grass seed products with identifiable water-saving benefits.  The Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA) hopes to save billions of gallons of water each year by creating awareness of our nation’s growing water resource concern, and educating consumers in positive water conservation behaviors, including the use of drought resistant grass which requires less watering.

The TWCA is an unbiased, independent foundation whose number one goal is water conservation focusing on live plant material.  One key way the TWCA serves homeowners is by testing plants and other live goods that claim to have water conservation benefits, and then giving their stamp of approval only to lawn and garden products that meet their stringent criteria.  By utilizing TWCA-endorsed products, consumers can save time and money, while helping to conserve our precious resources for future generations.

So if you’re thinking about replacing your lawn with drought resistant grass, be sure to look for the TWCA’s endorsement on the product of your choice.  It’s the one way you can know for sure that the product does what it claims: uses less water, saving you money while saving the planet.

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