Spring Gardening: How to Get Prepared

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When you’re still in the midst of a long winter, it can be hard to believe spring is coming.  But it is – we promise! — and you’ll want to have your garden primed and ready to enjoy the maximum benefits of the uniquely beautiful spring gardening season.  Here are some tips to get your little patch of the great outdoors geared up and ready for spring.

Get your garden tidy!  Break out the rake and the garbage bags and take this time to clean up organic litter like leaves, sticks and other debris.  Remove dead or dying plants and do any repairs to fencing, garden seating, etc.  Don’t forget to clear debris out of ponds and bird feeders, and take time to repair cracking concrete fountains.

Your soil may need some enriching which will also improve its structure. It may require tilling with organic additives, like sand.  Landscape architect Jamie Durie, host of HGTV’s The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie, suggests that now is a good time to put to use some of that great compost you may have generated over the year by mixing into your spring gardening soil.

To prevent moisture loss in the coming warmer months, you may need to increase drainage, or add material to your garden.

You may have summer blooming plants that need to be pruned.  And as long as you’re getting up close and personal with those branches, be sure to check your plants for any damage or signs of disease or pest infestations.   If you notice them, treat them now.

Durie also suggests giving thought now to any plants you may want to grow from seed, as this is the perfect time to get those seeds into the ground.

A rich, flourishing garden depends on steps taken before the onset of spring.  Get your garden ready, and enjoy a long, lush season.

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  1. In different season we need different types of beneficial tips on gardening and therefore we should go for different tips on gardening for different season. Most probably gardeners are suffering from different problems like damages and other issues related to their plants especially in summer and winter seasons; as due to change in season we have found both human being as well as plants are really suffering a lot. So we need better care tips from experts and from here we aware of certain valuable things on gardening.

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