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    Garden edging provides a nice, polished look to your yard. It also makes it easier to trim around garden beds. Doing it yourself is a satisfying DIY project that will save money and give you a beautiful end result. Here’s what you’ll need for this intermediate-level task:


    • Tape Measure
    • Edging & Square-point Shovels
    • Garden Rake
    • Wheelbarrow
    • White Rubber Mallet
    • Flat Trowel
    • Marking Spray Paint
    • Washed Concrete Sand
    • Pavers

    When taking on this DIY task, be sure to equip yourself with the proper safety gear.

    Lay out garden edging. Using spray paint, mark the existing edge of your garden bed. Measure in from that line for your new edging. In this case, we measured eight inches. Use a tape measure as a guide to mark your inner edge. Then connect with spray paint to clearly indicate where you’ll be digging.

    Dig trench. Cut the front and back edges of the trench with an edging shovel. Lift the soil out of the trench, and dig four to five inches below grade, smoothing the bottom of the trench as best you can.

    Set pavers. Start on one end of your garden bed and add about two inches of washed concrete sand. Use a flat trowel to create a smooth base, and start placing your pavers using a white rubber mallet to set each in place. Continue adding sand and setting pavers until you’ve worked your way around the entire bed. Follow the grade of your garden or grass to keep a consistent height for the pavers, adding more or less sand as needed.

    Backfill with soil. Use a garden rack and shovel to backfill your newly set pavers. Mulch on the garden side. Then stand back and admire your beautiful new garden edging.

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