How To Build a Raised Garden Bed

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    For your garden bed, whether you’re growing flowers, herbs, or vegetables, raised garden beds are perfect for new and experienced gardeners alike. They control soil content, reduce weeds, and prevent foot traffic from damaging plants and compacting soil. If you plan on growing edible plants in your garden bed, avoid treated wood.

    Building a garden bed is a fun, inexpensive project for DIYers of all skill levels that can be completed in a single afternoon. Here’s what you’ll need for your build:


    • Circular Saw
    • Quick Square
    • Power Drill/Driver
    • Drill Bits
    • Tape Measure
    • Sledgehammer
    • Utility Knife
    • Clamps
    • Shovel
    • Garden Trowel


    • Four 2×8 x 10 Ft.
    • Two 2×4 x 8 Ft.
    • Landscaping Fabric
    • Soil – 3 Cubic Yds for This Size
    • 48 Exterior Screws – Ceramic-Coated – 2 ½ or 3”

    When taking on this DIY task, be sure to equip yourself with the proper safety gear.


    Cut short sides. To make the short sides of your garden bed, start by cutting two of your 2x8s into 45 inch pieces, using a quick square to mark your cut lines. Since the long sides of the bed are 10 feet long, there’s no need for additional cuts. In order to reach the center of the bed without the need to step inside, we recommend keeping the width of your build four feet and under.


    Cut stakes. Cut your 2x4s into six 18 inch pieces. Finish with a 45 degree cut at the end of each stake. These will help secure the bed into the ground once it’s in place.


    Attach stakes to long sides. Lay two of the long-sided boards on sawhorses or a flat surface, and clamp them together wide side down and flush to the ends. Measure the thickness of the short boards and mark that distance on each edge of the long boards. This will provide just enough room for the side boards to fit into place. Position a stake along your mark and clamp it to the long boards. Drive screws through the stake and into the boards. Install four screws in a staggered pattern, using two screws for each of the longer boards. Space three stakes evenly across each set of long boards, and attach the same way.


    Attach short sides. Dig up any grass or weeds where you plan to put the bed. Then position the boards in place. Have a helper hold the bottom board, and attach the short side using two screws per board. Once the bottom piece is in place, check the top side piece to ensure a secure fit. If needed, use a sledgehammer to tap the board into place. Once all sides are attached, confirm the bed is square by measuring corner to corner. The measurements should be the same.


    Position bed. Confirm the bed is exactly where you want it to be. If it’s moved during your build, have a helper move it back into place. Then use a sledgehammer to secure the stakes into the ground.


    Lay landscaping fabric. Landscaping fabric will help keep weeds out of your new garden bed. Cut strips slightly longer than the length of the bed. Then lay them down, overlapping the sides with the extra fabric.


    Fill bed. Fill the bed with your favorite soil. If you followed the dimensions in this project, you’ll need three cubic yards of soil. Pack down the soil as you fill. If you skip this step, the soil will sink as it sets. Trim any extra landscaping fabric if necessary.

    Your build is complete and ready for planting in a raised garden bed!

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