7 Ways to Have an Amazing Above-Ground Pool

For many families, an above ground pool is the perfect addition to their backyard space.  However, at a time when stepped-up outdoor living spaces have never been more popular, the site of a 4 foot tall, 24 foot wide bathtub in the middle of your entertaining space doesn’t always add to the outdoor decor!

Above ground pools don’t have to be structures that fit like square pegs in round holes.  With a little planning and a couple-of weekend’s work, you can create an amazing above-ground pool that fits well in your backyard space, adding value to your home and years of family enjoyment.

If you have an above-ground pool that isn’t “finished,” here are seven ideas to make it look amazing!

Landscaping for Above Ground Pools

Style, function, and budget must all come together when planning any type of remodel, including landscaping. Since we’ll be working outside, landscaping is probably going to be the most budget-friendly way to begin.

1. Lay out a hardscape path from the back door to the pool ladder, making it wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side or pass one another easily. To kick it up a notch, use large pavers with a glow-in-the-dark paint to add a bit of whimsy.

2. Add a flower bed around the pool, using vegetation that repels mosquitoes. Lemon grass and lavender are excellent choices, as well as these steps to reduce mosquito population. Plant these closest to the pool as their height will be lovely alone or will create an amazing backdrop for adding colorful flowers. Either way, be sure to mulch around whatever you plant to keep weeds away. Adding edging will also make lawn care easier.

3. Last but not least, use solar lights around the pool for a soft glow in the evenings. Uplighting placed close to the pool or spotlighting placed along the edging and angled toward the middle of the pool height should add enough light for safety and ambiance.

Hide Ugly Pool Walls

4. Let’s face it, the sides of most above-ground pools are just plain ugly! Adding an interesting siding can help.

If the lawn is flat, lattice is an easy option to hide an above-ground pool. Lattice is an inexpensive and quick way to accomplish the objective. Add a wide cap around the top to give swimmers a place to set a drink, keep a towel dry, or lay a book. Adding a climbing flower or vine intermittently around the pool would add dimension, color, and drama. Be careful when choosing plantings that they do not attract bees. That would be counter-productive to creating a fun and relaxing area in the backyard.

5. A plethora of materials exist to use in surrounding the pool with beauty. Whether using redwood, old barn wood, sleek oak, or faux stone, it really doesn’t matter what material is used as long as it is made for outdoor use. A dark stain can give a sleek, sophisticated wood look or adding a decorative metal banding at 1/3 and 2/3 height can give a wine barrel appearance. Let your imagination run as wild as your budget allows.

Above Ground Pool Decking

6. When the budget allows, having a deck around your pool adds a new element altogether. The easiest way to accomplish this, of course, is to set your new above-ground pool as close as possible to your existing deck. Adding additional decking to create a semi-circle with siding around the remaining perimeter or complete walkway around the diameter is another great option.

7. The geography of the lawn makes a difference in cost of materials when it comes to adding decking. When you have a slope to deal with, make it work for you. Digging partially into a hillside where the top of the pool has a portion at ground level will give the look of an in-ground pool and eliminate the amount of materials needed to complete the decking.

For an amazing above-ground pool, style, function, and budget have to come together. When you define your style, decide on function, and set your budget, you’ll be ready to start your project. Working within these parameters, let your imagination run wild!

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