Orbit B-hyve Smart Wifi Sprinkler Timer Waters Your Yard Based on the Weather

Are you tired of wondering how long to run your sprinklers and how often to run them? For most people, turning their sprinkler timer on in the spring and off in the fall without adjusting it in between is the norm, regardless of the weather.

But with droughts being a common problem, and watering restrictions being enacted throughout the U.S., most people are left wondering how much to water and how often so they can avoid overwatering their landscapes and avoid fines for watering at the wrong times. 

Orbit B-hyve Smart WiFi Sprinkler Timer Waters Your Yard Based on the WeatherThe B-hyve Smart Wifi Timer uses WeatherSense technology to automatically adjust watering based on the weather in your area. With a few user inputs during set up, it will determine how often to water and for how long, saving up to 30% water use. You benefit by saving water and money, and B-hyve does all the heavy lifting.

Unlike other “black box” timers, the B-hyve timer is programmable and adjustable at the timer. You can control the timer from anywhere in the world with the intuitive app that is available on iOS, Android or on your computer. 

Using the B-hyve app, your smart device serves as a remote control for your sprinkler timer, making sprinkler maintenance and testing easy. No more running back and forth to the garage or basement to turn on and off your sprinkler timer!

The Orbit B-hyve is housed in a weatherproof cabinet that can be installed indoors or outdoors, providing flexibility during installation.

Smart Wifi sprinkler timers have not been affordable for most consumers – until now.  At only $99 for a 6-Station B-hyve timer, it is easy to get connected and starting saving water and money.

The Orbit B-hyve Smart WiFi Sprinkler Timer is available at The Home Depot or homedepot.com. Learn more at bhyve.orbitonline.com.

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