Upgrade Your Kitchen Faucet and Waste Disposer

Kitchen faucet with a flowing water washing

If your kitchen faucet hasn’t been upgraded in quite some time, you might be surprised at the new technology available. Today’s faucet styles literally reach new heights with spouts that are positioned to handle large pots and pans, just as in a restaurant kitchen.

Convenient integrated sprayers are also the norm, allowing you to control water patterns and even put the spray on pause with the touch of a button. What’s more, you can select a faucet equipped with a water filtration system to instantly reduce exposure to harmful bacteria, metals and chemicals while minimizing odors and improving the taste of the water.

There’s a big difference between a $79 faucet purchased at the local home center and a professional-style, drip-free model that makes food prep and cleanup much easier. Yes, part of that difference is the price. However, if you consider the fact that the faucet is the most prominent feature on your countertop besides the countertop itself, you’ll see why it pays to spring for a faucet that’s both stylish and functional. Choose an easy-care finish that can disguise everyday wear and tear ─ we prefer brushed finishes over polished ones for the way they stylishly hide fingerprints.

Our caveat about filtration systems is that you must commit to changing the filter regularly or have a system smart enough to alert you to do so. Otherwise, you’ll be creating a rave for bacteria.

Waste management
Just as faucet technology has improved in leaps and bounds, you can also add efficiency to your new sink with a high-tech food waste disposer. Today’s high-tech disposers have the smarts to amp up the power to pulverize tough food waste, handle higher volumes, and do their job much more quietly than their predecessors did.

Their virtual liquification of waste is also safer for and easier on your septic or sewage system. Disposers aren’t expensive and we consider them to be the kind of appliance you never knew you needed, until you learn you can’t live without them. Besides preventing many a stinking garbage pail, the far less frequent trips you’ll be taking to toss easily grindable stuff into the garbage can means you’ll save a lot of steps over the life of the appliance.

Though relatively small in size, the kitchen faucet you choose will play a big role in your day-to-day life. With today’s advances, it’s easy to find a model that makes cooking prep and cleanup much easier. Add a waste disposer, and your sink becomes a powerhouse of kitchen convenience.

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