Fix Dirty Dishes

Dirty dishes are often the result of a dishwasher that doesn’t get enough water.  The dishwasher water-inlet valve, which brings water from your outside source, may be responsible but it’s easy to replace.  It can be found in bottom of your dishwasher, under the access panel.  If the valve is defective, you can replace it inexpensively.

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  1. Dishwashers, if not maintained, can be a filthy piece of equipment and smell disgusting. It is worth regular maintenance to ensure the machine works to maximum efficiency.

  2. Our Maytag dishwasher is about 6 years old and had been working just fine, to keep the inside clean my wife would use vinegar or unsweetened lemon powder. About a month ago just out of the blue it started leaving a white powder on everything, so she changed detergents, ran vinegar through it several times and lime away without any changes. So because the of the age of the dishwasher we decided to just buy a new one, we had only used the new one a couple of times and we are seeing the same thing a white powder on everyting, the only way it will come off is with a scrubbing sponge and hot soapy water. My wife is about to have my head because we spent the money on a new machine and it appears that was not the problem. Our disposal is a top of the line heavy duty one that we installed about 4 years ago when we purchased it my wife told the man that she wanted someting that would eat a head of lettuce in 5 seconds. Please help me my wife is about to have my head because the old dishwasher has already been picked by the junk collector and she is still having to wash dishes by hand.

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